Reformatting of Lenovo Laptop in Simple Steps?

This enterprise operates in more than 60 nations by offering a wide range of products like tablets, computers, laptops, smart televisions, servers, electronic storage, workstations, smart phones and many more. The gadgets are helpful and make us happy till the time they are functioning well. The moment they become slow, hang or freeze, its performance will start diminishing and a user will become annoyed. The reasons behind it could be the less space left in your hard drive. To overcome this, reformat your laptop, which will remove complete data from the hard drive including an operating system.

Remember, a disc can’t be formatted if it is in use because Windows doesn’t give permission to do so if Windows is running or installed. You will find only one hard drive in the Lenovo laptop that interrupts reformatting process in Windows. Here, are some guidelines which will help you to execute this activity:

  • Turn on your laptop, then insert the CD OF Windows installation and restart your system.
  • You will see a message on your screen ‘press any key to boot from CD’. Hit on any of the keys and the process of Windows installation begins.
  • Follow the instructions given on your screen until you see a message ‘where do you want to install’?
  • Above the ‘next’ button, tap on ‘drive options’.
  • Choose a partition, you wish to delete. If you have made a partition on a hard drive, tap on ‘delete’. Confirm it when asked and wait for some time to get the division finish.
  • This can be applied to any partition you want to delete.
  • Remember, when deleting any partition without creating a new one will leave the un-partitioned space unusable which is an optional step.
  • Select any part from the drive to delete and tap on ‘format’ in the advanced option.
  • 'Quick Format’ and ‘NTFS’ can be used as a file format and then, click on ‘ok’ to format HD.
  • Further, it’s your wish to continue or exit from it. But without installing an operating system, a laptop won’t go beyond the startup process.

I hope, the information given was vivid for you. In case not, do ring on our toll-free Lenovo Support Number UK +44-2038-687821 and have a discussion with our experts, who will assure you to sort your query within a fraction of seconds. So, get assistance from our brilliant engineers who are round the clock and set yourself free from the hurdle you are undergoing.

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